Who is Veronika Nováková?

I was never the best student in class, athletics, or the arts when I was a child. Despite that, even though I had no talent for dancing, I decide to start dancing seriously when I was twenty and ended up ten years later co-leding a dance group which performed in the Czechia Slovakia's Got Talent and Das Supertalent. When I decide to do something, I find a way to achieve it. This is how I achieved my latest dream to become a coach certified by MINDSET Developing People.

There is one wish which I can't achieve: a day which has more than 24 hours. Instead, I work to manage my time well and live fully in each minute. My goal is to have more time for myself, my family, and my friends. I have created a combination of techniques, inspired by time management and coaching methods, which help me and my clients to spend time more effectively.

I have discoverd that success doesn't have to mean being exhausted and burnt out. Rather, these feelings are the opposite of success. What really matters is to find time for life, and the sooner you find it, the more life you get to live. That's what my coaching is all about.

Now, to let my clients speak for themselves about how coaching has changed their lives.